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Wax Melts - Sample Pack

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Scent Accord:

Purple - 

Dive into the refreshing essence of our Aloe, Coconut Water, and Lime candle. Relish the crisp, invigorating notes of aloe mingled with the soothing touch of coconut water, evoking a lavish spa escape. This tropical concoction of coconut and lime delivers a vibrant splash of citrusy sweetness, enhancing any space with its bright, uplifting aroma.

Scent Accord:

Refreshing · Tropical · Vibrant

Pink - 

Delicate cherry blossoms, brushed by a tender spring breeze. A soothingly fragrant candle, rich with the airy notes of white cherry blossom petals, intertwined with a subtle hint of baby powder. This scent gently unfolds a serene bouquet, creating a pure and tranquil ambiance.

Scent Accord:

Light · Floral · Powdery


Earthy tobacco leaves, paired with sweet vanilla and soft white musk. A luxurious set of wax melts that brings refined elegance to any space! This opulent blend of rich tobacco, creamy vanilla, and soothing musk envelops your surroundings in a lush, indulgent aroma.

Scent Accord:

Smoky · Creamy · Bold


Velvety almond milk, fused with the luscious sweetness of sun-kissed blackberries. A decadently soothing wax melt that captivates the senses! An exquisite blend of creamy, nutty almond milk and the rich, fruity burst of ripe blackberries creates a comforting, indulgent ambiance.

Scent Accord:

Creamy · Velvety · Sweet


*Each pack includes 4 wax melts (aprox 40h burn) and a gift box

Wax Melts - Sample Pack
Wax Melts - Sample Pack Sale price€12,00